Payment by credit card or PayPal

Style Cafe currently accepts PayPal and the following credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard.

When making payment for your order by credit card, you authorise Style Cafe to debit your credit card immediately after you submit your order. If you do not have the necessary funds on your card, the payment will be rejected. If this happens, you should contact your bank to resolve the issue, or make payment to Style Cafe using an alternative payment method.

Credit card payments through the E-Store are encrypted: Style Cafe does not store any credit card data.


Style Cafe uses a secure payments system in relation to transactions conducted through the Website. Style Café does not store or retain any credit card data.

Payment data is processed directly by an external, bank-certified data centre. This solution supports all security standards current at the time of publication of these GTCs.

The Website uses an encryption form to process all payments. Whilst Style Café uses its best endeavours to ensure the security of any payment made through the Website, Style Cafe does not warrant that all transactions made through the Website will be secure.